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Fundraising fornonprofit organizations is very hard, especially during this Pandemicsituation, many NGOs were trying to collect donations for relief work, but only a few NGOs were successful in getting donations. So may innovative philanthropists find a way to collect fundraising online, we would call it as an  online donation

Online Donation, Donation Online

Online donations can be done without moving anywhere through mobile, tab, or desktops and help to collect expected donations from individuals and groups, and organizations. Do you want to know how to get online donations? If yes, please follow the below-mentioned tips to get online donations.

Tips to Get Online Donations 

Online Payment Gateway: If yournonprofit organization has a secure payment gateway to make donations. Donorsfeel secure and will show interest in online donations through net banking, credit cards, Debit cards. Before asking for online donations to the people make sure that your online payment gateway is secure and working properly.  

Online auctions: Make use of online auctions to get donationsfor your charity or cause. Crete online purchase platforms like T-shirtselling, goods selling, furniture selling, and more to raise donations.

Mobile-Friendly Nonprofit websites: Nowadays, 80% of people using mobilephones to access websites and online payments, to reach a wider audience it’sbetter to have mobile-friendly websites.

Regular updates in the website: Regular updates on your website make theuser feel it's a trustworthy genuine organization. So, make updates of yournonprofit events, activities regularly on the website.

 Website promotion: Wheneverusers search related to nonprofit donations and NGO related search your websiteshould come on the top to get more visitors, to achieve these objectives you can make use of AdWords, PPC platforms.

Social Media pages for your nonprofit: Social Media pages like Facebook,Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn help to get more likes, followers,volunteers, and donors.

WhatsApp/SMS marketing: If you send a WhatsApp message or Text SMSby including donation links to people or donors then donors can donate fundsimmediately.

Email Marketing for donations: Collect emails from the individuals whoparticipated in the nonprofit events and send informative content with donationlinks. Make use of paid email tools for effective conversion tracking. 

Crowdfunding donations: Crowdfunding events help to raise moneyfrom the larger community or people. And it helps t increases yourcommunication network. 

Google my business (GMB) account: Add your charity address to google mybusiness account to learn and attract donors on GMB and people can find yourorganization's address very easily.

Donations poster with QR code: QR Code payments are the latest trendingonline transactions that help users to scan their QR codes and make onlinedonations very quickly.

Call center marketing for donations: Call centremarketing also helps to get online donations to your cause or nonprofit. So,implement a call centre strategy to get donations. Where executives can call donors and explain about the cause to nurture them to make online donations.

Invite Donors to celebrate their functions: Invite people toyour NGO and ask them to celebrate their happy events with the NGO people sothey get good food and gifts. You can also request them to do online donations through QR Code, Text to give.

Now you havelearned about top secrets on how to make online donations. Now it’s time toimplement for your nonprofits organization. To create your nonprofit landing page to get more donations and volunteers connect with iConnectX - Online donation platform.

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